We attempt to be as accurate as possible in describing the sizing of our shoes on each product page. Please read the sizing description carefully prior to placing your order. 

Generally speaking, most of our shoes run a full size larger than traditional US dress shoes. This isn't irregular! Most Italian brands (i.e., Gucci, Ferragamo, Tod's) run larger than US dress shoes (i.e., Allen Edmonds).

This means you need to order one (1) full size below your regular dress shoe size (i.e., order a size 9 if you wear size 10 Allen Edmonds). If you happen to know your Brannock device measurement, just subtract 1.5 sizes from that figure to arrive at your Paul Evans size.

Regarding toe space as it relates to fit, you cannot assess the fit of our shoes by the amount of space in the toe area. There will always be room past your toes, that's how our lasts are designed. Resist the urge to push down where the front of your toes are. 

You should be able to determine if you have the correct size based on: 1) how well your heel sits in the shoe, 2) if there is sufficient space across the widest part of your toe, and 3) if you can comfortably walk in the shoe.

Experiencing minor heel slippage in our shoes? That's completely normal as the shoes will take a couple (2) wears to break in. Please note, if your heel is coming entirely out of the shoe, it's too large! 

Not sure what size you need? No problem! Order as many sizes as you'd like and return whichever don't fit you. We make returns easy! To initiate a return, click here.

If you have questions pertaining to sizing, please contact us here or read more about our sizing here.